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Swim Lessons


During Swim Class: While parents are encouraged to watch the swim classes or lessons, we ask all parents to stay at least 5 ft. away from the pool. You may sit in prepositioned lounge chairs or at tables. Keeping a distance from the lesson area removes additional distractions to the children. If you have any specific questions about your child’s abilities, I will be glad to talk with you but please keep this brief though, as I have lessons before and after yours. DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN UNATTENDED AT THE POOL!  I expect the parents to stay for the entire lesson. Please do not leave to run errands.  We will begin every lesson at the same time on the days that lessons are held. I will call participants names for lessons at the appropriate time. Please do not interrupt the lessons going on by having participants go to the poolside early.


Discipline: I will do my best to talk with participants about rules at the pool, but we do expect the parents to reinforce the pool rules while here. If you feel it is necessary to discipline your child during swim class please remove your child from the class first as to avoid as much distraction as possible.


Cancellation/ Make – Up’s: There are NO make – ups. Make-up classes are ONLY due to instructor’s cancellation or inclement weather, NOT if participants misses a class. All make – up lessons will be conducted at the end of the summer season in September. Inclement weather closure is defined as lightning and thunder and if it rains hard enough where it’s limited visibility at the bottom of the pool. Lessons may be conducted in light rain.


Payments: All payments must be made online.


Refunds:  Vibrant Waters is under no obligation to refund in the event that you are unable to attend part of or the entire class or lesson. However, we do understand unforeseeable circumstances; in such cases a full refund if notice is given at least one week prior to first day of lessons. 50% refund if less than one week's notice given prior to the first day of lessons. No refund or credit given once the lesson begins.


Policy Exceptions: It is understood that these policies may not provide guidance for every possible situation. Vibrant Waters reserves the right to make changes and exceptions to program policies when, in the professional judgement of the owner and instructor or designee, a change or exception is warranted.

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