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The Experience

The (Vibrant Waters) Experience: is a new WAVE of fitness!
It is a 60-minute aqua workout that features high energy cardio, strength training, and muscle-sculpting, while alleviating pressure on your joints. Michelle shares her vibrant energy to inspire and motivate you to splash into your best self!

Vibrant Waters offers a high energy, music pumping, class designed to motivate and encourage individuals to achieve their health and fitness goals. There are a variety of classes such as Aqua Boot Camp, Aqua Spin Class, Aqua Kickboxing, Shallow and Deep water training and so much more….

Michelle has a history of teaching swimming and water aerobics classes at:

  • American University in Washington DC

  • Providence RECenter in Falls Church VA

  • McLean Racquet & Tennis Club in McLean VA

  • Somerset House in Montgomery County MD

  • Gallaudet University in Washington DC

  • Anthony Bowen YMCA in Washington DC

  • Walter Reed National Medical Center /Naval Support Activity in Bethesda MD

  • Cleveland Park Club in Washington DC

  • Lowell School in Washington DC

  • Chevy Chase Country Club in Chevy Chase Bethesda

  • Congressional Country Club in Bethesda MD

  • Equinox in Bethesda MD

  • The Colonnade in Washington DC

  • Condovac La Costa in Costa Rica   

If you are interested in having The Experience at your facility please

   contact me  


I started taking water aerobics led by Michelle in 2014. Ever since I started I have continued to attend her classes due to her high energy and her knowledge about the physical abilities, as well as limitations, of all of the participants. She has also been very helpful at times when I needed some extra attention due to my medical issues.
Michelle has a great and a sunny, supportive, personality.


– Erwin G

"Someone asked me recently what brings me joy...the first thing I thought of was Michelle’s water exercise class; I just love it! I now plan my work schedule around it. There’s something about her energy & vibe, the water itself, & feeling like I’ve exercised each part of my body that makes this class something I’m now addicted too!

She runs a well-thought out, non-stop moving class with a voice that is insistent yet nurturing at the same time. She’s a friend to each participant, whether it’s their first class or 100th, whether young or old (and there are some very old!), and no matter our background or race…she runs this body of water so it truly reduces us to our simple being. I don’t know exactly how she does it, but I do know I love it. I’ve NEVER stuck with anything this long!


-Niki M.

Michelle is my water aerobics instructor at the Equinox Club in Bethesda.  I have been a member of the club since August of 2017. Michelle is passionate about her work as a water aerobics and swim instructor.

To begin with, Michelle is reliable, responsible, and predictable. Michelle is always on time for class.  She consistently responds with care and concern for her students.  I had a pulled muscle and she made helpful suggestions as to how I might continue in the class with out causing myself harm.  My reaction to our conversation was satisfaction in knowing she would respond empathically with constructive suggestions.

The music she provides for our exercises is well suited to the pace of our routines and the wide range of ages in the group.  Michelle makes her students and colleagues feel comfortable, like they belong in her class. This sense of belonging exists whether it is a class participant’s first visit to the pool or after many years of work with Michelle. Her curriculum varies and she helps each of us make adjustments in the exercises to suite our physical capabilities. The ambiance in the class is always happy.

Michelle’s empathy is evident in her communications with each of her students and the class as a whole.  There is a roughly 50-year age span in the class, from 83 years young to a few thirty-year olds.  Michelle listens carefully to the needs of the individuals in the group and delivers customer service every time. For example, one of the seniors in the class suffered a nosebleed.  Michelle calmly jumped into the pool and carried a towel with her to keep the incident tidy and not upset the class, or the woman with the problem.  There were 22 other students in the on-going class and she did not skip a beat in our instruction.  The woman with the nosebleed got out of the pool, tended to the nosebleed, and rejoined the class with no problem.  

- Sondra D

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