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Adult  Swim Program

Swimming lessons for adults are available in the following three levels, developed to meet the needs of adult learners:

Level 1

Learning the Basics: learn basic swimming strokes and skills needed to stay safe, and help keep others safe in and around the water.

Level 2

Improving Skills and Swimming Strokes: Participants will gain proficiency in basic aquatic skills and the six basic swimming strokes. 

Level 3

Swimming for Fitness: Participants will learn to refine their front crawl, back crawl, breaststroke and turns to build endurance.

Swim Lessons


It's never too late to learn how to swim! Vibrant Waters offers private and semi - private lessons to adults who are interested in learning how to swim or wanting to improve their overall health. These lessons allow adults to progress at their own pace, mastering one set of skills before moving on to the next.
All adult lessons will be schedule on a individual basis. Please click on More Information and Coach Michelle will contact you directly.


Michelle Benjamin was the instructor for my adult beginner's swim class, and I truly could not have been happier or more pleased with her instruction.  I've long harbored a fear of the water, particularly of drowning.  The fear was so strong that it kept me from learning how to swim in the two previous classes I took.  Unlike my previous instructors, Michelle took the time to get to know every student in the class, including studying strengths and weaknesses and providing the type of personalized and focused feedback that I would only expect in a private lesson.  Her focus on breathing methods and her unmatched ability to break down and rebuild each aspect of swimming gave me a level of comfort I haven't had in either of my previous classes at other facilities.  She put me at ease immediately, conducted herself with class and humor, and ultimately did the impossible: taught me to swim.  

Michelle is an invaluable resource for her students, I couldn't recommend her highly enough!

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